CAAM Men’s Choir

CAAM Men’s Choir

Open to young men with changed voices in middle school and up*

Mondays, 5:30-6:15 p.m.

Dr. Brandon Boyd, conductor

[TBA, pianist]

Grandfathers, fathers, father-figures, sons, college students, and professionals are encouraged to join CAAM’s newest addition to its umbrella, the CAAM Men’s Choir.  In this unique intergenerational choir, a strong emphasis is placed on camaraderie and teamwork, giving younger singers with newly changed voices a robust support network. Repertoire is diverse and designed to help males understand their instrument in a positive, lively, and healthy way (though please note, this is not a barbershop chorus – for this, join our friends in the Boonslick Chordbusters).

*Placement Voicing Required for middle and high school students only (Click Here for More Information)